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Premium leather football camo coozie

Premium leather football camo coozie

Drinking hides

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All football fans love leather! Give your favorite NFL fan a personalized can or bottle cooler with their favorite team. Whether it's the Packers or Cowboys make your gift of beer stand out a little more. Nothing says you're a real football fan more than wrapping your old boring beer can or bottle in a custom leather coozie. 

These are perfect gifts for Dad on Father's day, so he can sit back, kick his feet up and watch his favorite team with his favorite beer.

I hand lace each one of these sleeves with a baseball inspired stitch and finish them with a laser engrave, so your personal touch looks as precise as possible.

Every cozie is cut out of 5 oz, oil-tanned premium leather. They feel as smooth as they look.

  • Each Drinking Hide is made out of 100% Premium oil tanned Leather, that feels soft but firm to the touch.
  • Finished in high detail by laser engraving, to ensure personalization is perfect to each detail and will stay on for the life of the Drinking Hide.
  • Every bottle coozie can be individually personalized, including any logos, messages, pictures, personal handwriting, or virtually anything you are wanting.
  • Unique gift for any occasion, especially Fantasy Football drafts, Opening Week, Super bowl, Birthdays, Father's day, Christmas, Anniversaries, Valentine's day.
  • Proofs will be sent before your order is made to ensure that you receive that exact Drinking Hide you envisioned.

How do I order these?

Just push that magic button that says "add to cart" select how many you need, then choose what color leather you think matches your eyes. Include the logo, names, saying, whatever you want, you just tell me in the personalization section and I'll handle the magic.

Other questions

What if I drink out of a skinny can, or some other odd shaped receptacle? Can I still get a sleeve for that?

Probably, just send me a picture and the size and I should be able to wrap it in leather.

Do these make me feel empowered while drinking?

Absolutely, you haven't lived life and actually indulged in a good beer without the grip and smell of smooth leather.

Why should I buy from you?

Where to start? First off, I am gonna treat you right and I am not just saying that like I was your first boyfriend. I want to earn your business and I am committed to putting out a complete product that you will fall in love with and unlike other guys, I will always be here when you need me!

I also will not charge you to get your gift. I always offer free shipping on my leather products.

Thanks for reading this whole description, that shows some serious dedication... Good on you!

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