Welcome to Drinking Hides –

Hey there, fellow beverage enthusiasts! At Drinking Hides, we're all about turning your sipping routine into a full-blown celebration. Cheers to you, and welcome to the hub of artisan leather drink sleeves that are as cool as your favorite drink (literally)!

Crafting Good Vibes:
You know how a good drink just hits different? Well, imagine that, but with a side of personalized pizzazz. We're the crafters of custom leather sleeves, coozies, or cozies (call 'em what you want!) for every kind of drinking buddy – be it a can, bottle, glass, or liquor bottle. And guess what? Everything we make is out of 100% oil-tanned leather, sourced from the cool corners of Oregon and Maine in the United States.

Express Yourself – Literally!:
Feel like expressing yourself? We've got you covered – literally! Your imagination runs the show here. Want your dog's face on your drink sleeve? Sure thing. A motivational quote for your Whisky glass? Absolutely. Each piece is laser-engraved with the kind of precision that'd make a ninja jealous.

Why Drinking Hides? Because We're Rad:

  • Quality Sourced Leather: We only roll with the good stuff – oil-tanned leather that's soft to the touch, but Durable enough to handle a day in the sand dunes.
  • Crafted with Heart: No assembly lines here. Each piece gets its dose of love and care.
  • Whatever Floats Your Drink: From cans to bottles, we've got sleeves for all your drinking vessels.

Perfect for Every Shindig:
Birthdays, Father's Day, Christmas, Tuesdays – whatever you're celebrating, we've got a sleeve for that. Oh, and did we mention we proof before we groove? Your customized piece is practically your drink's VIP pass to the party.

Bottoms Up, Shopper!:
Dive into our collection, where every piece is as unique as your go-to drink order. Why settle for ordinary when you can sip in style with Drinking Hides?

Any Questions? Reach out!