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Premium leather shaker ball wrap

Premium leather shaker ball wrap

Drinking hides

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All men love leather, especially when its personalized from their favorite little people. Give that special dad a  a gift he will always use and never get rid of.  Give them a personalized leather  blender bottle coozie that has their children's own handprints and hand written message.

These are perfect gifts for Dad on Father's day, so he can look at his bottle and see a personalized message from the kids and what inspires him.

Each shaker bottle coozie is made out of 100% Premium oil tanned Leather, that feels soft but firm to the touch and then hand laced with leather lace cut from center hide.

Leather is a natural insulator and sustainable product, so your drink will stay either hot or cold longer than without a leather cover. With an oil-tanned finish these leather products come water resistant with no need for additional treatments. I spent countless hours figuring out how to design these coozies so they fit perfectly to these bottles. Being hand finished assures you have a one of a kind product that is truly unique to the dad you are giving it to.

How do I order these?

Just push that magic button that says "add to cart" select how many you need, then choose your color. In in the personalization section include the children's names and birthdays.  If you want to describe any layout you can do that here also.  Then have your kid(s) put their handprints and handwritten message on a white piece of paper and take a picture.  Attach that picture to a message to me and I will handle the rest.

* Shaker Bottles are INCLUDED with the order.


Drinking Hides highlights:

  • Each Drinking Hide is made out of 100% Premium oil tanned Leather, that feels soft but firm to the touch.
  • Finished in high detail by laser engraving to ensure personalization is perfect to each detail and will stay on for the life of the Drinking Hide.
  • Every bottle coozie can be individually personalized, including any logos, messages, pictures, personal handwriting, or virtually anything you can imagine.
  • Unique gift for any occasion, especially Birthdays, Father's day, Christmas, Anniversaries, Valentine's day.
  • Proofs will be sent before your order is complete to ensure that you receive that exact coozie you envisioned.

 Please contact me with any questions at all, we will respond within 24 hours- typically sooner.

Thanks for reading this whole description, that shows some serious dedication... Good on you!

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